Fantastic Gift, monumental installation at GINZA SIX

The Story of the Kingdom of Winter and the Kingdom of Summer

GINZA SIX, Tokyo ; Monday, November 12, 2018 to Tuesday, December 25, 2018 * Central atrium artwork scheduled to be exhibited through late-February 2019

An original story about an exchange of diplomatic gifts organized to solve a terrible climate crisis


Central Atrium


The iconic atrium at the center of the GINZA SIX building will feature the Shining Elephant, measuring approximately 3 meters high and more than 4 meters long. In the scene from the story reenacted here, little angels called the Putti deliver the Shining Elephant from the Kingdom of Summer to the Kingdom of Winter by drone.

Overall size: 14.3 meters long, 7.7 meters high

Photos : Nicolas Datiche

Front Entrances


Gates to the Kingdom of Summer and Kingdom of Winter will be installed at the front entrances (two locations) facing Ginza Chuo-dori

Show Windows

Two show windows on the Food Floor (second belowground floor) will feature artwork conveying the message of the story: that compassion for others inspires gift-giving and creates warm bonds between people. These narrative elements will add to the enjoyment of the artwork for gourmets.


In the tableau created here, the ice machine given to the Kingdom of Summer will continually produce popsicles in various flavors. The cold, sweet popsicles create warm feelings and captivate the kingdom’ s prince and its people.

Learning about the Kingdom of Summer from the Shining Elephant, the princess of the Kingdom of Winter imagines it as bright, open, and colorful, a vision expressed by sweet and fruity candy.

Collaboration goods

Tsutaya Ginza(6F)


Sixième Ginza(2F)


PapaBubulle ; Philippe Conticini ; Paletas(B2F)

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