Pierre Hermé x Nicolas Buffe

A story of the kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon


Noël 2016

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“Selena, Queen of the Kingdom of the Moon” / Lacquer ware box, in collaboration with Yamada Heiando

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Galette des Rois 2017 / Sèvres porcelaine fève
Limited edition in collaboration with the Cité de la Céramique, Sèvres


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Teasers / Music by “Behind the Shadow Drops”

Maison Pierre Hermé Paris – Japan – Press Event 2016 – Pierre Hermé x Nicolas Buffe

A glimpse into the 2016 Press Event of Pierre Hermé Paris collaborated with Nicolas Buffe at the French Ambassador’s residence.

Music by Behind the Shadow Drops
Performance by Company Derashinera

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A distinctive collaboration about courtship

Follow the adventures of two imaginary characters, Hélios and Roxane from the Kingdoms of the Sun and the Moon as it unfolds. A saga inspired by fairy tales, baroque and pop culture. This story will be an opportunity to engage a dialog between the worlds of Pierre Hermé and Nicolas Buffe throughout 2016.


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Characters and places of the story

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Macaron Day 2016